Venture City

Weather Control

You can rain on anyone’s parade.

Basic Weather Control: You can fill your zone with specific weather patterns by creating an advantage using Will. The opposition is generally Fair (+2), but increases with especially difficult weather, such as tornadoes, or especially inclement weather, such as snow during high summer. These weather patterns fade away when you will them to, when you leave the zone, or otherwise at the end of the scene.


Master Weather Control: You gain +2 to Will when creating a weather pattern.

Weather Precision: You can use Will to attack any target in a zone in which you’ve created a weather pattern.

Lingering Weather: Weather patterns you create linger while you are in an adjacent zone. In addition, you can create weather patterns in adjacent zones.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: Rather than firing blasts of pure energy, you can induce winds to blow with pinpoint precision, as effectively as another super might toss a fireball.

Flight: With a few carefully choreographed updrafts, you can take to the skies.

Improved Special Effect

Dangerous Weather: Your weather pattern makes a Great (+4) attack against a single target in its zone.


  • Your moods tend to leech into the room’s weather, no matter how hard you try. You suffer from Sympathetic Weather Patterns.
  • The weather you create can be impressive, but it’s easily overpowered by nature. That’s why you’re Only Effective While Indoors.

Collateral Damage Effects

Sturm und Drang: When you need to, you can dial up your storms dangerously high. Your weather pattern attacks every target in its zone with a Great (+4) attack.

Winds of Change: Your weather pattern fills its zone with enough wind to push everyone except you into an adjacent zone of your choice. Until you end the effect, nobody can re-enter the zone.