About the Site

The Fate Roleplaying Game System Reference Document (SRD) is intended to be a useful digital companion to your Fate game. Use the search to find content quickly, bookmark pages for reference, and enjoy having fewer books to carry at a convention.

This site was built for speed and accessibility. I hope to continue to refine the experience of using this site as time goes on.

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ENnie Award Winner for Best Web Site

This site brought home the Silver for Best Web Site at the 2014 ENnies.

About the Contributors

This site is built and maintained by Randy Oest, also known as Amazing Rando or Wizardoest, depending on where you live on the internet. You will find him on Twitter. He hopes to one day have time to write his own Fate campaign book.

This site is a labor of love, inspired by the great SRD sites that came before it, e.g., Hypertext d20 and d20PFSRD.org.

A special thanks to Adam Dunigan for helping with data entry for the Fate System Toolkit, and to Fred Hicks and Dave Joria for their work on the Stuntmaker (retired).

Technical Details

Curious about what is under the hood? Visit the Fate SRD organization on Github to see all of the code.

The short version is that Drupal holds the content and Gatsby renders the site.