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This site is a friendly, searchable, bookmarkable home for the Fate Roleplaying Game. For more information about the site, see the about page.

Fate Core

Fate Core is a dynamic and flexible roleplaying game built around proactive characters that you play. Fate Core does not have a default setting to encourage all styles of play.


Fate Accelerated

FAE is a grab-n-go version of Fate, written for easy prep and easy play. Don't let that simplicity fool you, use these rules to run any style and any length campaign.


Fate Condensed

Fate Condensed is a version of Fate Core System in a compact form. It is a complete roleplaying game; while other books might enhance your use of it, you don’t need any other book to play.


Fate System Toolkit

This toolkit is includes many ideas that can be used wholesale or as inspiration for your own games.


Fate Adversary Toolkit

A great campaign needs opposition to create stirring conflict. Learn how to use high quality adversaries to drive your stories to completion.


Fate Codex

Full of quick starts, essays, new systems, and short fictions inspired by and devoted to the Fate system.


Atomic Robo

Action! Science! Robots! Punching! More Science! Are you ready for some two-fisted science adventure?


Frontier Spirit

Natural disasters, storms, subsistence, and even basic survival on an alien spirit world unused to coexisting with sentient creatures


Gods & Monsters

The world is young and majestic, and humans eke out a living and dream of civilization. But you are not like them: you are a god (or a monster).


Sails Full of Stars

Track down pirates, brave the stars, and mount shipboard battles!


Three Rocketeers

All for one and one for all! No skill swashbuckling and conspiracies.


Venture City

A world of superpowers, villainous corporations, and ruthless gangs, set in a near-future where powers are for sale.


War of Ashes

Head off to adventure in a world where the inhabitants might look cute and cuddly but often carry pointy objects with which they might just decide to stab you.


Odds & Ends

Here you will find a collection of bite-sized thoughts and rules for Fate.


Fate Products

Discover Fate books, adventures, and more. If you notice something missing let us know.

#iHunt: The RPG by Machine Age Productions
Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius
Adventures and Worlds for Fate by Evil Hat Productions
Aeon Wave by SlyFlourish
Age of Arthur by Wordplay Games
Amethyst: Accelerated by Dias Ex Machina
Arthur Lives for Fate Core by Fainting Goat Games
Atomic Robo RPG by Evil Hat Productions
Atomic Robo RPG: Majestic 12 by Evil Hat Productions
Baroque Space Opera by Mark Kowaliszyn
Base Raiders by Slang Design
Berin Kinsman's Kaiju Patrol by Dancing Lights Press
Black Sun by Evil Hat Productions
Breakfast Cult by Liberi Gothica Games
Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition by Galileo Games
Carnival of Dreams by MonkeyBlood Design
Collectanea Creaturae - Fate Core by Ebon Gryphon Games
Daring Comics Role-Playing Game by Daring Entertainment
Dawning Star: Fate of Eos by Blue Devil Games
The Demolished Ones by Rite Publishing
Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors by Dead Gentlemen Productions LLC
Diaspora by VSCA Publishing
Divine Blood: RPG Supplement by Thrythlind Books and Games
Do: Fate of the Flying Temple by Evil Hat Productions
Dresden Files Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions
Dresden Files RPG: Our World by Evil Hat Productions
Dresden Files RPG: Paranet Papers by Evil Hat Productions
Dresden Files RPG: Your Story by Evil Hat Productions
Drops in a Pond by Evil Hat Productions
Eclipse Phase: Transhumanity's Fate by Posthuman Studios LLC
Ehdrigohr: The Roleplaying Game by Council Of Fools Productions
Factions by Evil Hat Productions
[FAE] Villains Accelerated by Fainting Goat Games
Fate Accelerated/Core Conversion Guide by Evil Hat Productions
Fate Acelerado by Ediciones conBarba
Fate Adversary Toolkit by Evil Hat Productions
Fate Codex by Magpie Games
Fate Core Character Journal by EldritchFire Press
Fate Freeport Companion by Green Ronin
Fate Horror Toolkit by Evil Hat Productions
Fate Worlds Volume One: Worlds On Fire by Evil Hat Productions
Grim World by Boldly Games
Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse by Shoreless Skies Publishing
Henchmen by Canterbury Games Studio
The Hollow West by D101 Games
Humanity and Magic by Evil Hat Productions
Hunters of Alexandria by D101 Games
Ice by Sandy Pug Games
Inverse World Accelerated by Jacob Randolph
Iron Edda Accelerated by Encoded Designs
It's Element-ary! by Nothing Ventured Games
It's Not My Fault I'm Fantastic! by Evil Hat Productions
Jadepunk: Tales From Kausao City by Reroll Productions
Jadetech: Black Jade by Reroll Productions
Jadetech: Blue Jade by Reroll Productions
Jadetech: Green Jade by Reroll Productions
Jadetech: Red Jade by Reroll Productions
Jadetech: White Jade by Reroll Productions
Kaiju Incorporated by Evil Hat Productions
The Kerberos Club (Fate Edition) by Arc Dream Publishing
Mill City Heroes by Leo Winstead
The Ministry Initiative by Galileo Games
Naramel: Jadepunk Martial Supplement by Reroll Productions
Once Upon a Crime by Wooden Vampire Games
Oubliette Second Edition by Voidspiral Entertainment
Out of the Furnace by Smart Party Publishing
Part-Time Gods of Fate by Third Eye Games
Psychic Powers by Evil Hat Productions
Rock 'n' Roll Sock Hop Mouse by Shoreless Skies Publishing
Rockalypse by Four-in-Hand Games
Shadowcraft: The Glamour War by Reroll Productions
Shardland - Muskets, Blades and Words of Power by Judith and Christian Vogt
Skill Prompt Cards for Fate by Evil Hat Productions
Strange Stars Fate Rule Book by Hydra Cooperative
Strange Voyages by Occult Moon Games
Strays! by Wordsmith Games LLC
The Stuffed Guardians by Benjamin Z. Edelen
Tachyon Squadron by Evil Hat Productions
Thrilling Action Stories! for FATE by Black Campbell Entertainment
Tianxia Accelerated by Vigilance Press
Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade by Vigilance Press
Tianxia: War, Iron & Stone by Vigilance Press
Time of the Wolves by Wordplay Games
Titan Hunt by Magnus Hansen
Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG by Evil Hat Productions
Very Large Monsters by Evil Hat Productions
War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus by Evil Hat Productions
Warsong Second Edition Core by Higher Grounds
The Way into Fate by Radar Avenue Press
Wearing the Cape: The Roleplaying Game by Wearing the Cape Productions
Wicked Fate by Magpie Games
Words of Power by Evil Hat Productions
Young Centurions by Evil Hat Productions