Fate Roleplaying Game

System Reference Document (SRD)

Story-focused tools

Focus on the action with a roleplaying game that puts the narrative and fiction first!

Make it what YOU want

The Fate RPG is a flexible game that supports all the worlds you dream up.

Getting Started

  • The whole system

    Fate Core

    Fate Core is a dynamic and flexible roleplaying game built around proactive characters that you play. Fate Core does not have a default setting to encourage all styles of play.

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  • Get started quick!

    Fate Accelerated

    FAE is a grab-n-go version of Fate, written for easy prep and easy play. Don't let that simplicity fool you, use these rules to run any style and any length campaign.

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  • Compact version of Core

    Fate Condensed

    Fate Condensed is a version of Fate Core System in a compact form. It is a complete roleplaying game; while other books might enhance your use of it, you don’t need any other book to play.

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Playing Fate Online

Get tips and tricks for taking your Fate RPG game online.

Tips for Playing Fate Online

Toolkit SRDs

  • Fate System Toolkit

    This toolkit includes many ideas that can be used wholesale or as inspiration for your own games.

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  • Fate Adversary Toolkit

    A great campaign needs opposition to create stirring conflict. Learn how to use high quality adversaries to drive your stories to completion.

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Fate World Book SRDs

  • Atomic Robo

    Action! Science! Robots! Punching! More Science! Are you ready for some two-fisted science adventure?

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  • Venture City

    A world of superpowers, villainous corporations, and ruthless gangs, set in a near-future where powers are for sale.

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  • War of Ashes

    Head off to adventure in a world where the inhabitants might look cute and cuddly but often carry pointy objects with which they might just decide to stab you.

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  • #iHunt

    #iHunt is a story telling game about killing monsters in the gig economy. A gig app called #iHunt offers them more money than you have ever made to hit the streets and kill monsters that go bump in the night.

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Worlds of Adventure SRDs

  • Frontier Spirit

    Natural disasters, storms, subsistence, and even basic survival on an alien spirit world unused to coexisting with sentient creatures

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  • Gods & Monsters

    The world is young and majestic, and humans eke out a living and dream of civilization. But you are not like them: you are a god (or a monster).

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  • Sails Full of Stars

    Track down pirates, brave the stars, and mount shipboard battles!

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  • Three Rocketeers

    All for one and one for all! No skill swashbuckling and conspiracies.

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