Venture City


Gravity is something that other people have to worry about; you just need a surface to put under your feet.

Basic Wall-Crawling: You can move along any solid surface, even upside-down, as easily as you move along the ground. In addition, you get +2 to Athletics while navigating obstacles that involve climbing.


Master Wall-Crawling: You gain an additional +2 bonus to Athletics when climbing.

Wall Kick: You can leap off the wall to put a little more punch into your punches. You gain +2 to Fight if you can attack someone by jumping off a wall.

Tireless Grip: If you find a comfortable spot on a wall or ceiling, you can hang there for hours if need be. You can even sleep there perfectly safely.

Common Power Synergies

Super Agility: You are made to leap from wall to wall like a flea.

Super Strength: You can pull your entire body up a sheer surface by the power of your fingertips alone. Yeah, your strength is above average.


  • Fact is, the ability to hang onto a wall comes from the strange, viscous substance oozing out of your hands and feet. You are Sticky-Fingered (Literally).
  • You can get a finger hold on even the tiniest, most insignificant nooks and crannies of a wall, but you Can’t Climb Perfectly Smooth Surfaces.

Collateral Damage Effects

Gravity Manipulation: Your wall-crawling ability actually comes from your ability to adjust the pull of gravity on yourself so that “down” is where you want it to be, at least for a few minutes. You can expand this gravity trick to cover an entire zone, pulling everyone and everything not nailed down into the wall you’re standing on. Anyone who hasn’t braced for impact must overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle using Athletics; otherwise, they land poorly and take a mild consequence.

Hold Fast: You can bring any moving object, up to the size and speed of a train, to a complete halt, provided you can hold onto it with one hand and onto something reasonably solid, like the ground, with the other. Doing this doesn’t hurt you—your body is built to handle these forces—but it will probably damage whatever you’re trying to stop.