Venture City


You go where you want, whether there’s a path there or not.

Basic Teleportation: You can move up to three zones as an action, provided that you can see where you are moving to.


Teleportation Mastery: You can move an additional zone when you teleport.

Collective Teleportation: Normally you can only teleport yourself, but with a little effort you can teleport any human-sized target you touch. If the target resists, make an attack using Fight to grab them against their will.

Mark and Recall: By concentrating for a few minutes in a location, you can mark it. Thereafter, you can always teleport back to your marked location, regardless of distance. You may change your marked location whenever you want, but you can only have one marked location at a time.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: You don’t actually fire bolts of energy, but you can teleport bursts of fire, plasma, or similar nastiness directed at your foes, and that works pretty much the same.

Item Summoning: Back home you’ve got a big collection of useful things, which you can teleport into your hands whenever you need to.


  • Your teleportation fills you with energy that discharges as soon as you appear at your destination. You create an Involuntary Energy Field.
  • When you teleport, you actually move through another dimension, one where physics works differently. The process creates Massive Bursts of Ill-Smelling Smoke.

Collateral Damage Effects

Wormhole: You can chain together two zones with a slightly unstable wormhole, tearing reality as you know it into little bits. Pick any two zones you can see; these zones are considered the same zone for all purposes.

Jaunt: You can teleport to any location in the city that you have seen before, even if just in photos. Unfortunately, this imprecise maneuver usually ends with you crashing through something important.