Venture City


You know what everyone is thinking.

Basic Telepathy: Choose one skill from Empathy, Investigate, or Notice. You can use this skill to glean information from the minds of people in your zone or adjacent zones. If your target knows or suspects you are reading their mind, they can actively oppose you with Will. Empathy can discover what someone is feeling, Investigate delves into deep thoughts and memories, and Notice picks up surface thoughts and detects unfamiliar minds. You can also project words into the minds of anyone within range.


Master Telepathy: You are a skilled mind reader. You gain +2 to your telepathic skills when reading minds.

Long-Distance Telepathy: You can read the minds of others regardless of distance, so long as you can see them.

Mental Blasts: You can use Will to launch mental attacks up to three zones away. If you take out someone with such an attack, you can either render them comatose or take control of their mind.

Telepathic Flexibility: You know many ways to read a mind. Choose another skill you can use to read minds.

Common Power Synergies

Influence: Not only can you read minds, but you can also tweak them. Just a little. Just to your advantage.

Animal Control: Human minds aren’t the only ones worth reading; animal minds are versatile and very malleable as well.


  • When you can read others’ thoughts but nobody’s reading your own, you Tend to Abuse Your Power.
  • Delving too deep into someone’s brain is risky; their thoughts may start to resonate with yours and generate Psychic Feedback.

Collateral Damage Effects

Psychic Lockdown: You can mentally overwhelm everyone else in the scene, effectively freezing them. They can’t take physical actions, but they can still invoke aspects and perform mental tasks. They can attempt to break out by overcoming with Will, opposed by your Will. On each of your turns, you must concentrate, using your action, to keep them frozen. The psychic brain-lock will definitely have lasting effects on their brains.

Psychic Maelstrom: You open your mind, and your entire zone becomes inundated with psychic energy. Anyone who ends their turn in your zone takes 2 mental stress, and anyone who ends in a zone adjacent to yours takes 1 mental stress. This effect persists until you choose to end it or the end of the scene.