Venture City


Not everyone can take advantage of their superpower gene. Some people come by their powers honestly.

Basic Technology: Your power isn’t actually a superpower in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s an ability that comes from advanced technology you have access to, such as cybernetic implants. While your “power” isn’t necessarily built into you, you always have access to your superior equipment and it never breaks down. In addition, powers that affect other powers (such as Power Amplification or Power Nullification) do not affect you.


Intense Training: Choose one skill from Athletics, Fight, Shoot, or Physique. You may add special effects to any use of this skill as if it were a part of your power suite.

Nice Toys: Your incredible tech had to come from somewhere. You gain +2 to Contacts when dealing with people who either built your tech or work in the appropriate industry.

Shiny Shiny: Sometimes just showing off your fancy equipment gets folks on your side. You can use Resources, with a +2 bonus, in place of Rapport when showing off the quality of your tech to someone would work to your advantage.

Common Power Synergies

Super Tech: Just about any power can be explained away as using bleeding-edge technology, from mental enhancement helmets (Telepathy) to a cybernetic arm with built-in sonic cannon (Energy Blast) to drugs that push your physical abilities to the human limit (Super Agility and Super Strength).


  • Your tech doesn’t work without power, and something this advanced doesn’t run on dollar-store batteries. You have Limited Fuel.
  • Your equipment isn’t fancy. You cobbled it together in your basement with duct-table and gumption. You’ve got Shabby Equipment.

Collateral Damage Effects

Take Up Arms: You can pass off your equipment to someone else. By doing so, they can use your power in addition to their own, but you will be powerless for the duration. Of course, being unfamiliar and untrained with your equipment, they’ll likely cause a lot of collateral damage just trying to use it.