Venture City

Super Toughness

It’s not that you’re too strong to show that you’re hurt, or that you recover especially well from being hurt. It’s that you just don’t get hurt.

Basic Super Toughness: You gain Armor:2 against any purely physical damage.


Master Super Toughness: Pain don’t hurt. You gain an additional physical stress box.

Implacable: The best defense it not even noticing that someone is attacking you. You gain Armor:4 against physical damage.

Juggernaut: Running around obstacles is for people afraid of running through them. You gain +2 to any attempt to overcome an obstacle impeding your movement by smashing right through it.

Common Power Synergies

Regeneration: Wow, you are truly, deeply, impressively hard to kill.

Shielding: Your super toughness is actually an unconscious side effect of your ability to throw up energy shields.

Improved Special Effect

Shrug It Off: You immediately heal a mild consequence.


  • Your toughness is actually a form of armor, either literal armor that you have to put on or armor that you can encase your body in at will. Either way, it impedes your mobility, leaving you Slow.
  • You’re super tough and can’t really feel pain, but that’s because your entire sense of touch has been dialed down to 1. You Can’t Feel Much of Anything.
  • The source of your super toughness isn’t internal; it’s in the series of chitinous plates sprouting from your joints, or the shadowy clouds that always surround you, or something else similarly Horrifying to Behold.

Collateral Damage Effects

Bulletproof: You can, at will, shrug off any amount of physical stress from a single source—bullets simply bounce off your chest, uselessly. However, the damage is reflected into your environment; bullets gotta go somewhere, after all.

Interception: When someone, up to one zone away, is attacked, you can intervene, throwing yourself in front of them to defend for them. Leaping into action and throwing targets out of the way, however, will incur its own damage. All this assumes you are able to move there, of course.