Venture City

Super Strength

You are a powerhouse, a wall of muscle, an unstoppable force. Are you strong? Listen, bud…you really are.

Basic Super Strength: You gain +2 to Physique in all situations that require pure strength.


Master Super Strength: There’s strong, and then there’s you. Gain an additional +2 bonus to Physique in situations requiring pure strength.

Stand Fast: You aren’t going to get pushed around so easily. You are immune to all forced movement.

Common Power Synergies

Natural Weapon: Who needs weapons when you can put this much muscle behind every hit?

Super Toughness: Tough and strong, strong and tough. A natural fit.

Improved Special Effect

Hammer Toss: You can move a target of your attack up to four zones away.


  • Your super strength also makes you super aggressive. Sometimes you can’t help but fly into a Destructive Rage.
  • Your power isn’t as supernormal as some others; it comes from having muscles on muscles on muscles. You are big and beefy but, unfortunately, Clumsy.
  • Super strength isn’t quite the gift everyone makes it out to be; just ask the trail of broken doors, shattered plates, and other chaos you leave in your wake. It’s not fun when you Don’t Know Your Own Strength.

Collateral Damage Effects

POW!: It’s pretty trivial for you to just pick someone up and toss ‘em through the scenery. You can take out a nameless NPC entirely, or deal a mild consequence to anyone else, at the expense of the structural integrity of the buildings around you.

SMASH!: You can raise your mighty fists and hit the ground with enough force that the whole earth seems to shake, attacking everyone in your zone with Physique.