Venture City

Super Senses

Some of your senses are much more acute than is normal. It sometimes surprises you when you realize just how blind the rest of the world is.

Basic Super Senses: Pick a single sense—sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch. You gain +2 to Investigate when using that sense. In addition, that sense cannot be impeded; for instance, you can see in darkness or hear clearly in a cacophony.


Master Super Senses: You gain an additional +2 to Investigate when using your superior sense.

Sensory Suite: Pick another sense for your bonus to apply to.

Alertness: Your senses are heightened even when you aren’t really trying. You gain +2 to Notice against anything you could identify with your superior sense.

Common Power Synergies

Super Agility: Included among your enhanced senses is proprioception—your ability to recognize where your body is in space. That lets you pull off some superhuman gymnastics.

Precognition: Included among your enhanced senses is one we don’t have a name for just yet; you can sense things before they occur.


  • The human brain wasn’t meant to deal with this much input all at once. You are Easily Overwhelmed.
  • You can’t tune out or narrow your super senses, which makes it hard to focus on what’s important at the moment. As a result, you suffer from a Slowed Reaction Time.

Collateral Damage Effects

Mental Map: Your senses are so finely tuned that you can create a full mental map of an entire floor of a building in an instant; all you need to do is clap your hands and listen to the echoes, or perhaps light a fire and watch the way the air currents move the smoke. Whatever the method, it gets you the layout of the building, but it’ll likely attract unwanted attention.

Hyperfocus: You can focus the full power of your super sense on someone anywhere in the scene. Because of your superior focus, you gain +4 to all attack and defense rolls against your target until you end this effect or the target is taken out. However, you cannot attack anyone else while hyperfocused, and you are liable to cause collateral damage because you’ve stopped paying attention to your surroundings.