Venture City

Super Intelligence

You are the smartest person in the room, whatever room you happen to be in.

Basic Super Intelligence: You gain +2 to Will when working though puzzles, riddles, or other mentally absorbing tasks. In addition, you can answer complicated mathematical problems instantly.


Master Super Intelligence: You gain an additional +2 to Will when demonstrating your mental acuity.

Walking Library: You’ve forgotten more than most people will ever know. By spending a fate point, you can use Will in place of Lore and gain the bonus to Will from Super Intelligence, even if it’s not a mentally absorbing task.

Chessmastery: You don’t just understand facts; you understand how people operate. You gain +2 to Empathy when attempting to predict someone’s future actions.

Taskmastery: Once you see how someone fights, you can exploit their weaknesses. When someone deals physical stress to you in a conflict, you gain +2 to all attack rolls against them until the end of the scene.

Common Power Synergies

Precognition: Your intelligence is so far beyond the norm that you can predict the near-future with uncanny accuracy.

Influence: People are just complex systems that a clever mind can manipulate with the right words, and your clever mind always knows just what to say.

Natural Weapon: Your fists are no stronger than anyone else’s, but your ability to read an opponent means you know exactly where to strike for maximum effect.


  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s sometimes difficult for the very brilliant to get along with the more normal. You Think You’re Better than Everyone.
  • Your brain just. Doesn’t. Shut. Off. Because of your endlessly bubbling, productive mind, you are Intensely Sleep-Deprived.

Collateral Damage Effects

Pawn Interception: You can use your gift for analysis to divert an incoming attack. When an attack would hit you, you can have it instead strike a nameless NPC in your zone—they just happened to wander into the line of fire at the exact right moment. When this happens, you take no damage and the NPC is taken out.

Battle Plan: Your tactical mind has figured out exactly how a given conflict will shape up—you just need to remind your companions what to do. You can shout out a battle plan to give yourself and every ally in the scene the boost We’ve Planned for This. Unfortunately, doing so will give whomever you’re fighting a little insight into your tactics.