Venture City


You’ll be ready for action as soon as your transformation sequence finishes up.

Basic Super-Form: Your power isn’t always active; instead, you need to take a moment before battle to change form. You might grow a shell of metal around your body, or charge up with cosmic energy, or just turn big and green. Converting to your super-form requires an action, but while you’re not super it’s impossible for anyone or anything to detect that you have a power at all.


Growth: You can use your super form to grow massive! While in this form, you are at least twice your normal height, and you gain +1 to all attack rolls because of your overwhelming power.

Shrinking: You can use your super form to become tiny! While in this form, you’re a quarter of your normal size or less, and you gain +1 to all defense rolls because you’re so hard to hit.

Cocoon: In addition to your standard super-form, you can use your ability to encase yourself in a protective shell. While in the shell you cannot move or take actions, but you have Armor:8 against all physical damage. You can only hold onto this form for a few minutes at a time.

Common Power Synergies

Super Toughness: When you enter into your super-form, you surround yourself with a layer of metal, rock, or some other material—or in some other way you create your own armor.

Natural Weapon: It takes a moment for you to unsheathe your claws, but it’s worth the wait.


  • Your super-form is so powerful that you can’t dive into it instantly; you suffer from an Extended Transformation Sequence.
  • Your normal and super selves aren’t the same person—they have distinct minds and personalities that happen to share a body. They don’t hate one another, but you are still Often Arguing with Yourself.

Collateral Damage Effects

Hyper-Mode: You are hiding an even more powerful transformation, one so powerful that the very act of transformation does damage to your environment, and which you can only hold on to for a few minutes at a time. While in hyper-mode, you can use special effects whenever you tie or succeed on a roll while using your power, in addition to when you succeed with style.