Venture City


You have the ability to stop a person in their tracks.

Basic Slowing: Select a target up to one zone away and make a roll using Shoot. That target cannot move to another zone until you release them or they overcome an obstacle with opposition equal to your roll.

“Slowing” is a broad term for several different means of getting an opponent to stop in their tracks. The skill used to overcome your slowing depends on the nature of your power:

  • If you are physically entangling your opponent, as with vines or webbing, they use Athletics.
  • If you are encasing your target in a barrier, such as a mound of ice, they use Physique.
  • If you are slowing them with a psychic force, they use Will.


Master Slowing: You have perfected your ability to hold people in place. Gain +2 to Shoot when slowing targets.

Slow Field: You can affect an entire zone with your power. Select a zone up to one zone away, and roll Shoot with a -2 penalty. Your power affects every target in the zone, friend and foe.

Stop: When you entangle your opponents, you entangle them completely. When slowing a target, you may choose to roll Shoot with a -2 penalty. If you do, your target cannot take any physical actions until they escape from your power.

Common Power Synergies

Super Speed: In a rather bizarre defiance of physics as we understand them, you can move so quickly that you steal speed from your opponents.

Super Toughness: You have an aura of slowness around you. You can still get hit, but punches land a little slower than they otherwise would.


  • You don’t slow someone by force of will alone; you hit them with a bola, a sticky web, or something of that nature. Whatever the precise form, you Require a Prop to make it work.
  • Your ability to slow others is a reflection of your own personality; you’re just a Lethargic person.

Collateral Damage Effects

Mass Slowing: When pressed, you can apply your slowing effect on a massive scale, targeting everyone in your zone and every adjacent zone. Of course, by affecting so many targets, you’re likely to damage something in the environment as well.

Timeless Zone: Your power comes from an ability to manipulate time itself. You can turn your zone into a bubble of stopped time; nobody and nothing—not even you—can enter or pass through it, and nobody within it can take any actions, until you release the effect or the scene ends. However, the border between regular and timeless space is a strange and dangerous thing, which will kick up powerful winds and potentially destroy whatever gets too close.