Venture City


You are what you want to be.

Basic Shape-Shifting: You can change your form into that of any creature. You can use Will to create an advantage of Creature Form. The opposition is generally Fair (+2), though it increases for particularly large or small shapes and for complex transformations like a swarm of bees. Your new shape persists until you decide to end it or get taken out.


Master Shape-Shifting: You gain +2 to Will when attempting to change your shape.

Skill-Shifting: When you change your shape, select one skill. Gain +2 to that skill as long as you remain in creature form.

Rapid Shifting: Changing your form is nearly instant; it does not take an action.

Common Power Synergies

Flight: With a little fine control over your shape-shifting ability, you can sprout wings whenever you need them.

Animal Control: Your time being an animal has taught you to think like an animal—and consequently, how to order an animal around.


  • Your transformations aren’t perfect; whenever you return to human shape, some animal features remain. You Don’t Look Quite Human.
  • While your transformations are impressive, you can only tweak your form a little bit; you can’t change it entirely. You are Limited to Terrestrial Mammals.

Collateral Damage Effects

T-Rex: You can turn into a giant dinosaur or similarly massive force of destruction, able to crush everything around you. You can only hold this form for a few minutes, though, and you’re sure to tear up everything around you. While massive, you gain +1 to attack rolls and your attacks are Weapon:2.

Stegosaurus: You can turn yourself into an armored dinosaur or similarly unstoppable juggernaut, unfazed by anything around you. You can only hold this form for a few minutes, though, and you’re sure to crush everything around you. While armored, you gain +2 to defend rolls and can knock down obstacles like thick concrete walls just by walking through them.