Venture City

Shadow Projection

You can surround yourself with shadows and use them to fuel your powers. It doesn’t actually make sense as far as physics is concerned, but it works for you.

Basic Shadow Projection: Your power is expressed in the creation and manipulation of shadows; whenever you use your power, you create swathes of living darkness.


Dark Sight: You are built for the shadows. You can see perfectly well in any lighting, down to and including pitch blackness.

Shadow Dodge: While you’re hiding in the shadows, you gain +2 to defend against ranged attacks.

Out of the Shadows: If you initiate a conflict, you always act first, ignoring any other factors that might determine turn order.

Dark Aura: Your very presence sucks the light out of rooms. Once per scene, you can create a situation aspect to reflect this, such as Darkened Room or Deep Shadows.

Common Power Synergies

Invisibility: You can wrap yourself in the shadows even in the brightest room.

Teleportation: Shadows are connected in a metaphysical way even you can’t quite understand. But you can use this fact to step into one shadow and out of a distant one.


  • You can never actually leave the shadows—if you try to peel away, the darkness clings to you. You are Always Shrouded in Darkness.
  • Your powers don’t just create shadows; they require shadows. You work best in the dark, and you’re Weakened by Daylight.

Collateral Damage Effects

Shadow Beast: You can summon a creature made out of darkness itself into your zone. This shadow beast has Great (+4) Physique, Fight, and Athletics, as well as the aspects Made of Shadows and Bestial Fury. The beast is an NPC who will attack nearby targets at random, although characters can use Provoke to get it going after a particular target. It will not attack you; however, there’s nothing preventing it from attacking your allies. The beast will dissolve away at the end of the scene or when you dismiss it.