Venture City


You have a bit of insight into how things are going to go; mainly you know how to dodge just before a punch gets thrown.

Basic Precognition: You can see hits coming early, letting you use Notice to defend against all physical attacks. Also, during a conflict you always act before anyone who does not have Precognition.


Master Precognition: You gain +2 to Notice when defending against physical attacks.

Visions: Once per scene, you may ask the GM a question about future events, the likely outcomes of your actions, or any other information you can only access through seeing the future. The GM must answer as honestly as possible, but may be vague.

Common Power Synergies

Super Senses: Your senses aren’t actually heightened, but you have an uncanny knack for looking in the right spot at the right time.

Telepathy: Your mind has a unique construction; it allows you to see into the future and also to read the minds of those around you.


  • There are so many different futures that you can half-see; it’s overwhelming, leaving you with Constant Migraines.
  • Your ability to see the near-future is so finely tuned that it eclipses your ability to stay in the now, leading you to answer questions before they’re asked and dodge blows before they’re thrown. You Have Trouble Seeing the Present.

Collateral Damage Effects

Expected Backup: At any point, you can announce that you knew there would be trouble several hours ago, so you called in a tip to local law enforcement. This law enforcement immediately arrives in force, most likely breaking through windows or kicking down doors to get there. Whether this backup means corporate police, a registered superhero, or gangsters defending their territory depends on the scene and is up to the GM.

Future Echoes: You open up your mind and fill the brains of everyone around you with visions of the near-future. This leaves everyone else in the scene confused and disoriented. Every time someone else makes an attack, they suffer a -4 penalty to the roll because they keep aiming where someone is about to be. This effect lasts a few minutes or until you dismiss it.