Venture City

Power Replication

You never need to suffer from power envy. If you can find someone with the power, you’ll have it too.

Basic Power Replication: If you are touching a super-powered individual, you can mimic their power. If they resist, you may make an attack using Fight to grab them against their will. You may use one stunt’s worth of effect from their power suite, but you cannot access their special effects or collateral damage effects. You can change which effect you can access, but you cannot use two effects at the same time. Additionally, you always know who around you is super-powered and generally what their power is. If you are touching someone with super powers, you know exactly how their power works.


Master Power Replication: When the power you are replicating requires you to roll—for instance, to attack—you gain +2 to that roll.

Lingering Power Replication: You can keep one stunt’s worth of power after you let go of the person you took the power from. This power goes away at the end of the scene or if you replicate another power.

Power Vampire: While you are replicating someone’s power, their ability to use superpowers is hampered. If they attempt to use any superpower, and it prompts opposition, its opposition increases by +2. If the power prompts no opposition, they must overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle with Will to use it.

Power Suite Duplication: By spending several minutes closely concentrating on a super-powered individual, you can copy most or all of their power suite. During this time, you gain one stunt’s worth of effect from your target’s power suite for each stunt’s worth of effect you purchased in your power suite. Stunts in excess have no effect. You also gain their special effects, improved special effects, and collateral damage effects, and you lose access to all of your powers, including special effects and collateral damage effects. You keep these powers for a full scenario or until you willingly get rid of them, at which point your original powers return.

Common Power Synergies

Power Amplification and Nullification: If you know how to replicate powers, improving or hampering them should be easy.

Harm: You’re stealing someone’s power. You’re stealing a very real part of who they are. That’s gonna hurt.


  • Too much time thinking about how powers work and how to get access to them has left you a little psychologically damaged: you are Power-Hungry.
  • A light tap on the arm isn’t enough for you to borrow someone’s ability; your power-theft Requires Sustained Physical Contact.

Collateral Damage Effects

Replicated Collateral Damage: You can use the collateral damage effect of the person whose power you are replicating.