Venture City

Power Nullification

The guys who amplify powers are more popular, but you’re arguably more important, if only as a jailer.

Basic Power Nullification: You can render your zone inhospitable to the use of superpowers. If someone attempts to use a power in your zone, and that power prompts opposition, increase its opposition by +2. If the power doesn’t prompt opposition, they must overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle with Will to use it. This nullification field does not affect you, and you can dismiss it at will. Additionally, you always know who around you is super-powered and generally what their power is.


Master Power Nullification: Increase the opposition to the use of powers by +2.

Distant Power Nullification: You can create a power nullification zone up to two zones away. This zone may exist in addition to the one in your zone. You can only maintain one zone of distant power nullification at a time.

Full Nullification: By touching a target, you can temporarily strip away their power. If they resist, you can make an attack using Fight to grab them against their will. Once stripped, they cannot benefit from their superpower in any way until the end of your next turn.

Common Power Synergies

Power Amplification: You can take powers away, but you can give them back and even make them better.

Frost Projection: When your ability is active, the affected zone isn’t just resistant to powers, it is a frigid and inhospitable place.


  • Nullifying powers requires a lot of concentration, and keeping a nullification zone active for more than a few seconds is Exhausting.
  • Rather than strictly nullify powers, your ability causes superpowers to short out, go off randomly, and generally still work but work wrong. Your nullification zone suffers from Unpredictable Superpower Misfires.

Collateral Damage Effects

Super-Power Strike: By concentrating, you can unleash a burst of energy that strikes at the heart of a super-powered individual. A nameless NPC with powers gets taken out instantly, while super-powered named NPC or PCs must either take a mild consequence or lose access to their powers entirely until the end of the scene. This energy blast resonates throughout the area, causing everyone there—whether they have powers or not—to become dazed and disoriented.