Venture City

Power Amplification

You don’t do much on your own. But when there are other super-powered fighters around, you are vital.

Basic Power Amplification: By touching a super-powered individual, you can give them the boost Empowered, which they may invoke during any use of their power. You may only have one such boost in play at a time; if you generate another, the first goes away. If unused, the boost goes away at the end of the scene. Additionally, you always know who around you is super-powered and generally what their power is.


Master Power Amplification: You can create an additional Empowered boost. You may apply multiple boosts to a single target, or spread them around.

Ray of Empowerment: You can empower a target even if you cannot touch them, up to one zone away.

Lingering Power: Select any power you have, including power synergies, besides Power Amplification. Anyone with your Empowered boost gains access to the basic form of that power.

Common Power Synergies

Power Nullification: You can give power, and you can take it away. That makes you pretty scary in a super-powered melee.

Electricity Projection: You amplify others’ powers with bolts of crackling red lightning. You’re not sure how it works, but it’s effective.


  • Your ability is less than short-range; you Must Maintain Physical Contact to keep someone empowered.
  • When you empower an ally, they’re taking some of your energy away. Your power Leaves You Weakened while your allies are empowered.

Collateral Damage Effects

Mass Empowerment: You can give your Empowered boost to every super-powered individual in the scene, friend and foe, in a single wave of energy. Outputting this much energy in a single go, however, has unpredictable effects on inanimate objects and unpowered humans; they get tossed around, thrown in the air, and might even explode.