Venture City


Walls are something other people have to deal with. You’ve always found it easier to ghost on through.

Basic Phasing: You can use Burglary to walk through walls and other physical barriers. A standard interior wooden door is a Fair (+2) obstacle, while thicker barriers of sturdier materials provide more opposition.


Master Phasing: You gain +2 to Burglary when attempting to move through objects.

Tunneling: If you phase through a barrier, you can keep the path you created out of phase for a few moments more, long enough to let your companions through as well.

Defensive Phasing: If you can see an attack coming, you can try to let it phase right through you. You get +2 to defense rolls against attacks that originate from your zone.

Common Power Synergies

Invisibility: When you go out of phase, everything passes through you, even light.

Material Mimic: When you pass through an object, you retain some of its properties.


  • Your control over your power isn’t as absolute as you’d like. You can keep solid most of the time, but Sometimes Things Drop Right Through Your Hands.
  • If you’re out of phase with the world, you’re out of phase with everything, even the air. You Can’t Breathe While Phasing.

Collateral Damage Effects

Missed Me: If you aren’t worried about where the shots actually end up, you can phase out as someone is attacking you. You can ignore all physical damage from a single source, because it strikes everything around you instead.

Armor Piercing: By imparting some of your intangibility to a rock or other small object and then tossing it, you can have it become solid inside a target. This will make the projectile shatter violently, sending shards ricocheting around the area, which deals a mild consequence to anyone in your zone or an adjacent zone.