Venture City

Natural Weapon

You come pre-armed for everyone’s inconvenience.

Basic Natural Weapon: You have some sort of built-in weaponry, whether it be claws or crackling energy that surrounds your fists. You gain +2 to Fight while brawling unarmed in close quarters.


Master Natural Weapon: Your weapon is deadlier than most. Gain an additional +2 bonus to Fight when unarmed in close combat.

Critical Hit: Whenever you cause stress using your natural weapon, you may instead cause a mild consequence, if the target doesn’t already have one.

Bloody Weapon: When you attack with your natural weapon and succeed with style, give the defender the situation aspect Bleeding with one free invocation. If they are already Bleeding, add another free invocation to the aspect.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: Your natural weapon is just the close-up version of a power blast, encasing your fists with energy rather than tossing it at distant foes.

Super Agility: Your favorite opening maneuver is leaping at your prey from a distance, claws first.


  • You don’t know which came first, the retractile claws or the animal sensibilities, but you can’t have one without the other. While you’re armed with a natural weapon, you are also Half-Feral.
  • Your weapon isn’t as simple as jutting bone spurs; your fists generate a strange energy that you can’t entirely shut off. It makes you dangerous to foes, but you’re also A Danger to Anyone Nearby.
  • Your natural weapon isn’t attached to your hands, but to your elbows or knees. It’s no less effective, but you’re Only Good Up Close.

Collateral Damage Effects

Eviscerate: If you are unconcerned with the damage you cause to the city, let alone the psyches of those around you, you can dive weapons-first into action. You can instantly take out a nameless NPC, or cause a mild consequence to a named NPC or PC.

Berserk: Of course someone with knives jutting from their fists has a berserk mode! If you fall into an incomprehensible rage, you become an especially deadly combatant, gaining Armor:2 and +1 to all attacks. Because you are in a berserk rage, though, you can’t stop yourself from causing collateral damage. This rage lasts until the end of the scene or you choose to end it.