Venture City

Machine Control

You have a powerful psychic bond with machines of all sorts. They do what you tell them to. You don’t even need a manual.

Basic Machine Control: You can control machines up to one zone away without touching them. Most machines won’t resist you at all, but something computerized will put up Fair (+2) opposition, and more complex and powerful computers will offer greater opposition; you use Empathy to overcome this opposition. You can only make a machine do something it’s capable of; while you couldn’t make a toaster float, for instance, you could make a car drive itself.


Master Machine Control: You gain +2 to Empathy when telling machines what to do.

Machine Language: You can communicate with machines psychically, although their intelligence is limited by their capabilities. For example, a toaster couldn’t tell you who all has passed through the room, but it could tell you if someone has made toast recently.

Built-in Wi-Fi: Your brain is able to pick up signals of all sorts. You have a permanently active Internet connection, and you can hear both sides of nearby cell phone conversations.

Alarm Bypass: Technology has so great an affinity for you that security measures—from alarm systems to landmines—simply do not go off for you. They will, however, go off for anyone traveling with you.

Common Power Synergies

Gadgeteering: Because machines listen to you, and you to them, you can create and repair devices much better than anyone else.


  • Because you have a bond with machinery, it has a bond with you. In a technologically advanced city, that means The Machines Never Stop Talking!
  • Your ability to control machinery is psychic in nature and tied into your emotional state. This can cause Unwanted Feedback.
  • You might be able to sense machinery near you, and control it when it’s away from you, but the only way to access a psychic link is by physically touching the machine you want to influence. Your power Requires Physical Contact.

Collateral Damage Effects

Escape Plan: Wherever you are, whatever the situation, you can summon a vehicle, such as a car or helicopter, to take you and your allies to safety. Generally speaking, this vehicle will arrive by crashing through a wall or the ceiling.

Overload: You can make any electronic device overcharge itself to the point where it violently explodes. This counts as a Fantastic (+6) attack against everyone in the same zone as the exploding device.