Venture City

Item Summoning

You always have what you need close at hand.

Basic Item Summoning: You can create simple items, such as hand tools or weapons, just by willing them into existence. If you want something with no moving parts that you can hold in one hand, roll Will against Average (+1) opposition; larger or more complex items will increase that opposition. While the item you summon can have multiple parts—for instance, a sack of marbles—you can’t summon electronic gadgets, explosives, or items that require precise manufacturing, like firearms. You may only summon one item at a time, but you can summon as often as you’d like. Increase the opposition by +2 for every other item summoned by you in the scene. You can cause summoned objects to dissipate at will, but they’ll disappear on their own after a few minutes or the end of the scene, whichever comes first.


Master Item Summoning: You gain +2 to Will when attempting to summon items.

All the Things: Why would you summon one object when you can summon a whole bunch? When summoning objects, only increase the opposition by +1 for each other object you summoned in the scene.

Complex Summoning: You can summon small functional gadgets, like calculators or flashlights.

Common Power Synergies

Natural Weapon: You can summon a weapon right into your hands; you don’t even need to think about it.

Shielding: By summoning small walls or just piles of junk, you can create ad hoc shields.


  • You aren’t summoning physical objects; you’re actually constructing hard-light holograms. But the light isn’t that hard—your Summons are as Fragile as Glass.
  • Your idle thoughts constantly create a stream of things. It disappears eventually, but you still Leave a Trail of Random Stuff.

Collateral Damage Effects

Sweet Ride: You can concentrate for a moment to summon forth a cool car. It’s destructive when it appears—cracking the ground, possibly knocking down walls and scattering people—but once it arrives, you can drive it wherever you need to go.

Bad Ride: You can concentrate for a moment to summon forth a cool car, in midair, right above someone you don’t like. Gravity does the rest. The car is totaled, and the target must overcome a Great (+4) obstacle. If the target ties or succeeds, they take 2 physical stress that cannot be negated by any armor; if they fail, they take an additional 3 unpreventable stress.