Venture City


Sorry, who said that?

Basic Invisibility: You can completely fade from view, including your clothes and anything you’re carrying. Cameras and similar devices cannot detect you at all, and you gain +2 to Stealth against being seen by living targets.


Master Invisibility: You gain an additional +2 bonus to Stealth against being seen.

Sharable Invisibility: You can render other objects invisible along with you. This includes other people, pieces of furniture, or even walls. You must maintain contact with the invisible object.

Precise Invisibility: You don’t need to turn invisible all at once; you can make parts of yourself invisible, like your head or arms, or keep objects you’re holding invisible while you can be seen.

Common Power Synergies

Phasing: When you’re invisible, you’re practically a ghost, able to walk through walls.

Illusion: You are the master of what is seen and unseen.


  • Your invisibility is not actually visual; your power works by effectively writing yourself out of the minds of those around you. Unfortunately, you still have a Completely Visible Reflection.
  • Your power is a reflection of your personality: you were always a meek, background sort of person, even before you learned to fade from view. You are Easily Forgotten, even by your companions.
  • Unfortunately, your invisibility is only skin deep, it Doesn’t Work on Clothes.

Collateral Damage Effects

Hyper-Visibility: You can apply your power in reverse, turning the world dim and making you the most visible thing around for several minutes. During this time you are extremely noticeable; anyone in your zone or an adjacent zone must overcome a Great (+4) obstacle with Investigate to see anything other than you.

Perfect Evasion: If you are in a conflict, you can duck briefly out of sight and turn invisible to evade everyone’s notice. On any subsequent turn of yours, you can appear in any zone. Furthermore, if you attack a target in your zone on the turn you reappear, you gain +4 to that attack. Alternately, you can just leave the conflict. Unfortunately, your sudden disappearance will make your enemies more paranoid, which may encourage them to call in reinforcements.