Venture City


You can make things that aren’t there…there.

Basic Illusion: You can project an illusory image, up to about human size, as far as one zone away. You can also generate sounds, including voices. You must concentrate to keep the illusion active. Others must actively try to see through your illusion. This is an overcome roll using Investigate, which you actively oppose using Deceive.


Master Illusion: You gain +2 to Deceive when opposing someone trying to see through your illusions.

Giant Illusions: You can create illusory images that fill up an entire zone. Instead of being limited to individual illusory objects, you can create and populate entire rooms.

Full Sensory Overload: Your illusions cover all the bases: sight, sound, smell, and even touch. That said, anyone attempting to physically push through an illusion will quickly realize it offers no actual physical resistance.

Common Power Synergies

Shielding: By combining the sensory input of your illusions with physical barriers to reinforce them, you can create incredibly convincing simulacra. You can encase the shields you generate within illusory walls.

Telepathy: While you generate your illusions in the minds of those around you, you can poke around in those minds. This is especially useful if you want to project someone’s darkest secret or hidden fear.


  • Everyone has demons, of course. Not everyone has the latent ability to bring their subconscious thoughts into the real world when they aren’t paying attention. You suffer from a Subconscious Made Real.
  • Your illusions aren’t projections; they’re hallucinations you make people have. This means your Illusions Don’t Show Up on Video.
  • You spin your illusions together out of shadows. Indoors or at night they’re perfectly serviceable, but your Illusions Dissipate in Daylight.

Collateral Damage Effects

Mass Hysteria: You can fill an entire zone with disturbing images: demons, monsters, the worst things you or anyone else can imagine. This illusory barrage stays in place until you will it away or leave the zone. Everyone who enters your zone or ends their turn in your zone must overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle with Will or gain a mild mental consequence.

Virtual Possession: By focusing on someone in your zone or an adjacent zone, you can completely control what they see, causing them to confuse friend for foe. You force your target to make one attack against another target of your choice, after which they will snap out of your influence. Unfortunately, in their confusion, your quarry will usually favor an over-the-top attack that leaves a lot of collateral damage.