Venture City


You have a deadly touch. You don’t have to hit people to hurt them; just brushing up against them can be fatal.

Basic Harm: By maintaining skin-to-skin contact with another person for a moment, you deal them 2 physical stress. Additionally, when you attack a target using your bare hands, add 2 physical stress to result.


Master Harm: Your touch is considerably more painful. You cause 2 additional physical stress when you use your power.

Ray of Harm: You may harm anyone in the same zone as you without touching them. If they are resisting, use Shoot.

Lasting Harm: When you cause harm, if your target does not have a mild consequence, you may instead choose to inflict a mild consequence.

Piercing Damage: Your ability ignores the target’s Armor rating. Additionally, you do not have to maintain skin contact for your power to work; you can cause harm through multiple layers of clothing.

Common Power Synergies

Healing: It’s not unusual for someone with your power to trade damage for healing or vice versa.


  • The cause harm in the form of strange, cancerous lesions all over your target’s skin. Unfortunately, you show them as well, making you look Grotesque.
  • Despite your best attempts to keep it in check, your power is always active in small ways: pencils rot in your hand, and food spoils when you touch it. You Can’t Turn It Off.
  • Your power is usually inactive, which means you aren’t accidentally damaging those around you, but it means you can’t always bring your ability to bear; you have to be furious at a target to harm them. Your power is Fueled By Rage.

Collateral Damage Effects

Mass Illness: You can emanate a wave of harm from your body that affects everyone in your zone. It kills nameless NPCs, while named NPCs and PCs must successfully defend with Physique against Fair (+2) opposition to avoid taking a moderate physical consequence.

Ravage: Instead of decaying flesh, you can use your ability to weaken metal. Every metallic object in the scene—including handcuffs, deadbolts, and weapons—either falls apart or becomes so fragile that a single hit will shatter it.