Venture City


You have special insight into how stuff works, letting you assemble incredible devices with seemingly no resources.

Basic Gadgeteering: You have an intuitive understanding of machines of all types. Just by seeing a device, you can tell what it does, at least in general. In addition, you gain +2 to Crafts when repairing or building complex devices.


Master Gadgeteering: You gain an additional +2 to Crafts when repairing or building complex devices.

Superior Gadgeteering: When you use an overcome action to build or repair a device and succeed with style, instead of gaining a boost you create a situation aspect with one free invoke. This aspect fades away at the end of the scene, even if you hold onto the device.

Useful Devices: You have any number of fantastically useful contraptions tucked into your utility belt. You can spend a fate point to create just about anything you could possibly carry on your person.

Common Power Synergies

Super Gadgeteering: Virtually any power can become an ability that you have thanks to a gadget you have created. You might have jetpack-powered Flight, a device which lets you Phase through walls, or a ray to create energy Shields. Even though these powers come from devices, the devices only work because of your superhuman craft, so they can be affected as standard powers can by Power Amplification, Power Nullification, and other means.

Technology: Your mechanical aptitude is superior, but it’s not quite superhuman. Likewise, the devices you create aren’t super-gadgets, just bleeding-edge pieces of tech.


  • You learned to build things out of sheer necessity, not because you like it. It turns out, despite your skills, Machinery Tends to Fail Around You.
  • If not for your gadgeteering, you wouldn’t be here today. After a horrible accident some time ago, you are Kept Alive by Your Own Devices.

Collateral Damage Effects

Highly Experimental Device: Once per scene, if someone is taken out (including you), you can pull a highly experimental device out of your pocket, prepared for just such an occasion. Not only does your device completely negate all the stress which would have caused the target to be taken out, it also clears your target’s highest consequence. After that, your device explodes, misfires, goes rogue, or otherwise renders itself inoperable while dishing out some collateral damage.

Handmade Off Button: You’ve got a very useful little remote control in your pocket, which you can use to just shut off one or more devices in the scene—anything as technologically advanced as a flashlight is a viable target. You can choose what to target, but your control isn’t perfect. Also, sometimes you “shut things off” by making them explode. You’re trying to work that bug out.