Venture City

Frost Projection

You bring winter wherever you go.

Basic Frost Projection: Your power expresses itself through ice and cold. Whenever you use your power, the temperature of the room drops.


Temperature Reduction: You can create freezer-cold temperatures at will, rendering your zone or an adjacent zone uncomfortably chilly.

Ice Slick: As an action, you can create a patch of ice that fills your zone or an adjacent zone. You can move through the ice easily, but to friends and foes it is a Fair (+2) obstacle. The slick lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Icy Aura: Whenever someone successfully attacks you using Fight, they take 1 physical stress from the sheer cold.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: You can fire off a concentrated blast of sub-Arctic temperature.

Slowing: You can encase your opponents in ice, stopping them in their tracks.

Natural Weapon: You can freeze the moisture in the air around your fists, forming a painful set of ice knuckles.

Improved Special Effects

Ice Shield: You can encase yourself in a thin shell of ice, giving you Armor:4 against the next attack you suffer, at which point the bonus ends. Moving or taking a physical action breaks the shell, ending this bonus.


  • Weather that others would consider merely chilly is, to you, sweltering. You can Only Live in the Cold.
  • You aren’t just cold to the touch; you bring the temperature down all around you, whether you like it or not. You don’t mind it, but you are Always Freezing.

Collateral Damage Effects

Blizzard: You can dial down the temperature so quickly that snow forms in your zone and every adjacent zone. You can move through the snow without a problem, but to everyone else it’s a Fair (+2) obstacle that persists until the end of the scene.