Venture City


For many people, flight is the reason to activate their super gene. You are one of the lucky ones, able to take to the air as easily as most citizens walk down the street.

Basic Flight: You can move vertically through the air as easily as moving along the ground. Use Athletics to overcome obstacles or create advantages related to flying.


Master Flight: You can fly better than most people can walk. Gain +2 to Athletics rolls while airborne.

Eagle-Eyed: You can, in fact, see your house from up there. Gain +2 to Notice and Investigate rolls that involve seeing distant things.

Supersonic Flight: Without gravity getting in your way, it’s surprising how quickly you can get around. During conflicts, you may move up to two zones in an exchange, rather than one, in addition to your action.

Common Power Synergies

Super Speed: Without the ground to slow you down, you can get where you need to go in a hurry.

Improved Special Effect

Bullrush: Move yourself and a target in your zone by up to two zones. Both of you end up in the same zone.


  • Your ability to fly comes from the pair of great big wings sprouting out of your shoulder blades. You are Very Noticeable.
  • You can’t actually fly on your own. Instead, you have artificial assistance, whether it’s a drug cocktail to stimulate your super gene or an honest-to-goodness jetpack. Your power has Limited Fuel.
  • Humans aren’t actually built to fly; without wings or a tail to act as a rudder, you find that it is Hard to Maneuver in Flight.

Collateral Damage Effects

Megaton Punch: By flying a few stories up and slamming yourself back into the ground at top speed, you create a shockwave. This attacks every target in a zone at the expense of the structural integrity of the zone.

Whirlwind: You fly in a tight circle at top speed, whipping up intense winds that push every other target out of the zone. You determine who is pushed into which adjacent zone.