Venture City

Energy Absorption

You are a human capacitor, able to absorb pure energy into your body and release it at will.

Basic Energy Absorption: You may use Physique, with a +2 bonus, to defend against any energy-based attack and to overcome energy-based obstacles, simply by absorbing the energy into your body. Energy-based threats include electricity—such as stun guns and tasers—radiation, fire, and most super-powered blasts; in short, things that can hurt you but aren’t solid objects.


Master Absorption: Gain an additional +2 to Physique to defend against energy-based attacks or to overcome energy-based obstacles.

Capacitance: Absorbing energy empowers you. Whenever you successfully defend or overcome an obstacle using your power, in addition to any other effects, you gain a Filled with Energy boost, modified to reflect the type of energy you absorbed. You may only have one such boost at a time.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: The energy you absorb doesn’t bleed away slowly; you release it with force. As an energy blaster, you can shoot out energy of the same type that you most recently absorbed.

Harm: People need energy to live, and you can take grim advantage of this fact by draining it out of them.

Super Toughness: Kinetic energy is energy too, after all. You can’t stop a physical attack, but you can slow it enough that it doesn’t hurt so bad.


  • The human body is not a perfect battery, which is why you’ve blown out a few walls without meaning to. You suffer from Involuntary Bursts of Energy.
  • Wherever you go, lights flicker, TVs show static, and cars won’t start. You tend to stay away from hospitals because you Can’t Shut It Off.

Collateral Damage Effects

Killswitch: You can suck out basically every last joule in the area to empower yourself. This instantly shuts down anything electrically powered in your zone, but clears all your physical stress and erases a mild consequence.

Grounded Discharge: You can release all the latent energy you’ve stored up in one deadly burst, right through the heart of one target in your zone, dealing a moderate consequence. But it’s not a perfectly accurate discharge: random bolts of energy flare around you.