Venture City

Electricity Projection

You are filled with enough electrical potential to make Tesla blush.

Basic Electricity Projection: Your powers are electrical in nature, and you’re infused with electrical energy. Whenever you use your power, you create sparks and bolts of lightning.


Power Generation: You can power any electrical device just by holding it. If you put your fingers to an electrical outlet, you can provide power for an entire apartment.

Conductive Trip: You can briefly convert your entire body into electricity and push through conductive material. You can use this power to pass through an otherwise impenetrable barrier, such as a door with a metal doorknob, as an action.

Stunning Blow: When you succeed with style on a melee attack, give your target the situation aspect Stunned with one free invocation. If they are already Stunned, add another free invocation to the aspect.

Common Power Synergies

Energy Blast: You can pull a lightning bolt out of nowhere and hurl it like a spear.

Machine Control: The power you create isn’t just normal electricity; it’s got a bit of your essence in it. It’s starting a machine with your own energy that puts it under your control.


  • As a walking, talking nexus of electrical activity, you find that Modern Tech Just Doesn’t Like You.
  • You are filled with electrical energy, just all the time. It’s like being hopped up on sugar and caffeine, only more so! You are Hyperactive.
  • People notice that you tend to keep your superheroics indoors on rainy days. It’s not your fault: Water Shorts You Out.

Collateral Damage Effects

Through the Grid: You can leap into any electrical outlet in the city and emerge a moment later from another one, provided you have a general idea where it is and you are willing to short out and overload electronics at your destination.