Venture City


You’ve got a body as stretchy as rubber and twice as resilient.

Basic Elasticity: Your body stretches to incredible lengths. By stretching yourself, you can interact with objects and make melee attacks in an adjacent zone without moving. Additionally, you can contort your body into rough approximations of animals, objects, and tools, although your mass doesn’t change and you still very much look like yourself.


Master Elasticity: You are extra stretchy. You can stretch yourself one zone further.

Eye of the Needle: You can stretch yourself thin enough to squeeze through impossibly small gaps. If there is an opening as large as a keyhole in a barrier, you can move through it as an action.

The Right Tools for the Job: You can change your hands into a functional tool, such as a crowbar, hammer, or lockpick. Scissors are about as complex a tool as you can make this way.

Common Power Synergies

Super Toughness: Your body is a shifting, inconsistent mass of vague stuff. It’s hard for it to get hurt in a meaningful way.

Disguise: With a little careful manipulation, you can reshape your face, body, and even voice into convincing facsimiles of someone else’s.

Natural Weapon: Your elastic arms can turn into blades, hammers, clubs…all manner of built-in weaponry.


  • Because all of your bones shift and slide around, you can never really bring good leverage to bear during physical tasks. You are actually quite Weak.
  • You aren’t so much “elastic” as you are a formless, shapeless horror. You might be able to put on a fairly humanoid form, but you Need to Concentrate to Stay Solid.

Collateral Damage Effects

Balloon: You can swell up like a balloon, large enough to completely fill your zone. This is an attack on everyone, friend and foe, in your zone, which deals 2 physical stress. Every target who takes stress is moved into an adjacent zone of your choice. Meanwhile, everything else in the zone gets moved or crushed.

Rubber Vengeance: When you bounce back, you do so with style. When someone attacks you with a projectile, you can use your body’s rubbery quality to reflect it back at them. If you do, both you and your attacker must defend against your attacker’s roll, and any special effects created by the attack apply to both of you. Doing this may send wayward projectiles in the direction of innocent bystanders, however.