Venture City


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Your ability to disguise yourself as another person is uncanny. Who are you, really?

Basic Disguise: You can alter your face, build, and voice at will in order to become a completely different person. Once you spend time interacting with someone, you can imitate them near-perfectly. Gain a +2 bonus to Deception to oppose others trying to see through your disguise.


Master Disguise: Your mimicry is more convincing than ever. Gain an additional +2 bonus to Deception to resist being recognized.

Sartorial Doubling: Your ability to copy a person extends beyond their body. You can also change the clothes you are wearing, and even imitate guns or other props—although they are, of course, non-functional.

Close Observation: You can mimic a target without getting close; you only need to spend a few minutes observing them at a distance. You can even double a target you’ve only seen on video.

Common Power Synergies

Shape-Shifting: Altering your face and body is good practice for your fine detail work, but you can change your entire shape when you need to.

Illusion: You aren’t actually altering your face; you’re just projecting a disguise over it, using your mastery of illusions.


  • There’s a reason you spend most or all of your time wearing someone else’s face: your own is an Inhuman Visage.
  • Too much time spent being someone else. Too many faces, too many lives. You’ve reached the point where you Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore.
  • You can’t consciously control the way your face changes. Instead, your power is Touch-Activated; it only triggers when you physically touch your target.

Collateral Damage Effects

Killing Disguise: You might take a target’s identity completely—not just appearance and voice, but also their mannerisms and memories, perfectly duplicated. Anyone attempting to see through your disguise faces Legendary (+8) opposition. This is an invasive procedure, and you need to physically poke around in your target’s brain. You can use this effect to take out and then imitate a nameless NPC, but to imitate a named NPC or PC, you will need to kill them or otherwise access their fresh corpse.

Demonic Gaze: While you’re generally limited to a human disguise, you have a face in your repertoire that’s grotesque and terrifying, which you can pull out when you need to scare a crowd. Everyone who can see you must defend using Will against Great (+4) opposition or get a mild mental consequence.