Venture City

Creature Summoning

You’ve always got someone, or something, to watch your back.

Basic Creature Summoning: Once per scene, you can generate a creature that’s under your control. You might bring forth an elemental, or something mundane like a sidekick shows up to help out. When you take this power, create a creature with one aspect to describe it and one Good (+3) skill. Your creature has two physical and mental stress boxes, and it can take mild and moderate consequences. Your creature will dissipate or wander away at the end of the scene, clearing its consequences.

Your summoned creature is not an NPC, but another character under your control. When your creature is active during a conflict, it acts on your turn. Both of you take a free movement, but only one of you can take an action.


Master Creature Summoning: Your summoned creature gains an additional Good (+3) skill.

Tough Little Thing: Your summoned creature gains a severe consequence slot.

Menagerie: You can now summon two other creatures, each with a different aspect and skill. When you summon your creature, you can pick any one from your stable.

Common Power Synergies

Animal Control: You can call forth hordes of animals when you want to, but one specific animal is your special companion, always by your side.

Projection: The creature you call forth is an elemental avatar of fire, frost, electricity, or shadow.


  • The thing you summon is not quite as under your control as you’d like people to think. You can tell it what to do, but It Has a Mind of Its Own.
  • Your little summoned buddy might be as friendly as anything, but since It Looks Like a Living Nightmare, people tend to freak out.
  • Saying you choose to summon your creature isn’t quite right. It’s more accurate to say that you Can’t Get Rid of Your Creature, no matter how hard you try.

Collateral Damage Effects

Dramatic Entrance: When your creature comes into the scene, it does so with gusto, possibly by breaking through a skylight or appearing in a burst of eldritch flames. However it arrives, it can show up in any zone, and it immediately attacks any one target in that zone with a +4 bonus.

Noble Sacrifice: If your creature is within one zone of you, it can leap to your defense. If you would take any physical stress, your creature moves to your zone and takes it instead. Of course, even if the creature survives the attack, it will almost certainly have knocked things around in its scramble.