Venture City


You are…unfortunate. Whatever turned on your superpowers did not do so nicely, and you’ve been rendered an almost-inhuman mess.

Basic Corruption: Your powers have a particularly disturbing aesthetic. You might be obviously mutated or disfigured, you might look like a corpse or a monster, or you might simply seem “wrong” to everyone around you on a subtle, psychological level. Regardless of the specifics, your presence is unnerving.


Horrifying to Behold: Something about your appearance is so unsettling that it actually hurts people to get close to you. Anyone who attacks you using Fight takes a mild mental consequence if they don’t already have one.

Ongoing Mutations: Once per scene, you can spend a fate point to undergo a dramatic sudden mutation. This lets you to switch the ranks of any two skills of adjacent rank.

Obvious Target: You don’t need to work hard to get someone to want you dead. You gain +2 to Provoke when attempting to make a target attack or follow you.

Common Power Synergies

Elasticity: It works like elasticity, but actually what you have are eldritch tentacles sprouting from your back, dribbling ichor on the floor.

Harm: The corruption in you can spread to others with a little physical contact.

Regeneration: You’re basically falling apart already—your power just makes you good at pulling yourself together.


  • No explanation needed for this one: Visibly Corrupted.
  • Your power kicked in when you were irradiated in an accident that should have been fatal. Instead, you survived, but your body is twisted and Radioactive.

Collateral Damage Effects

Decay: You can use your corruption to accelerate the natural decay of virtually everything in your zone. Living targets have some resistance and only take 2 physical stress, while inanimate targets are more adversely affected—virtually everything, including the walls and the floor, withers to dust.