Three Rocketeers


To keep the GM’s turns snappy and the focus on the main characters, NPCs are created just like in Fate Accelerated Edition. (See Bad Guys on page 38 of FAE).

Major NPCs use the standard six approaches from FAE: Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick, and Sneaky. They receive three aspects and a stunt. If you want to make a major NPC an expert fencer like a hero, make one of their aspects a fencing aspect and give them one item from each swordplay element.


To make the mooks your hero will face, follow these steps:

1. Pick the quality of the mook. Light mooks are Average (+1) when they are skilled, Terrible (-2) when bad, and have no stress boxes. Medium mooks are Fair (+2) when they are skilled, Poor (-1) when bad, but also have one stress box each. Heavy mooks are Good (+3) when skilled and Poor (-1) when bad at something. They have two stress boxes.

2. Choose two or three things the mooks are skilled at and two things they’re bad at.

3. Give the mook an aspect or two.

4. Give each mook stress boxes as appropriate for the quality.

Each mook in a mob after the first adds +1 to actions when doing something the mooks are skilled at. A group of four Cardinal’s Guards—medium mooks—are skilled at fencing, giving them a Fair (+2) to start, so the extra three mooks add +3 for a total of Superb (+5) when fencing. Each mook also brings its stress track to the mob. When a mob takes a hit, shifts in excess of what’s needed to take out one mook are applied to the next mooks in the mob, one at a time. This means a single attack from a Rocketeer can take out multiple mooks in a mob but it also means a large mob can be very hard to take down. It’s best to keep the mooks in groups of three.