Odds and Ends

Conflict with named NPCs

(I'm getting a little off in the weeds here. This is of course just personal opinion, and I'd be happy, as always, to have people tell me I'm dumb.) Conflict with named NPCs isn't really about who wins, or even tactics. It's a test of your commitment to your goals. It's a bidding war -a game of chicken.

In a roughly even conflict, there's a steady escalation of resource expenditures. Sure, you'll win if it takes nothing but some skills rolls, after all, that costs nothing. But, are you willing to spend some Fate points?

Then we escalate to consequences -are you willing to take them? Are you willing to risk being taken out?

Here's where the concession mechanic really comes into play -at any point, you can accept a loss and gain a fate point. That helps escalate the stakes as the conflict goes on.

At the beginning, it's just "the thing you want" vs getting a fate point. Then, it becomes "the thing you want and spending fate points to get them" vs. getting a fate point.

After that it becomes "the thing you want and spending fate points" vs. getting a fate point and not taking consequences.

Then we get to the point of "the thing you want, spending fate points, and taking consequences" vs. "a bunch of fate points" and only after that point do we really get to the point where being Taken Out is even a consideration.

And this same escalation is happening for both sides in the conflict, simultaneously. Tactics and abilities can change how quickly each side escalates, but at the end of the day it's about how badly you want it more than anything else.