Gods and Monsters

Intention in 30 Seconds

At the start of the tale, mark the current locations of your intention markers.

Every time you spend a fate point to affect a roll, choose one:

  • If you are using an ascendant approach, imbue one of your stations with a power point.
  • Bleed off the intention into the environment.
  • Move your intention token one step toward the approach rolled.

If moving your token would push it off the end of the track, you must store the intention in a station, bleed it off, or turn into a monster and end the scene.

At every milestone, in addition to the regular parts of that milestone, do the following:

  1. Move your intention tokens not covering a numbered tier space toward tier 0 until it covers the numbered space of the next lowest tier.

  2. If any of your ascendant approaches have changed, adjust your ascendant aspects to reflect that.

  3. Check if your highest tier, now your milestone tier, has changed. If so, adjust your boons and geas as appropriate.

At the end of the tale, you can choose to return your intention tokens to where they were at the start of the tale by bleeding off all the excess intention in one go. The more you bleed off, the worse things get.