Frontier Spirit


The Burglary, Lore, and Stealth skills are not used. In their place, we add Infiltrate, Mythology, and Science.


Infiltrate combines Burglary and Stealth from Fate Core. While being sneaky is useful, it’s not enough of a focus that characters should need to invest in two skills to be good at different kinds of being sneaky.

Overcome: Use Infiltrate to overcome obstacles related to avoiding the notice of observers, getting into secured areas, and sneaking around or generally being where you aren’t supposed to be.

Create an Advantage: Infiltrate can be used to create advantages related to being or remaining unseen, the element of surprise, knowledge of a secured area or security measures, or other things.

Attack: Infiltrate isn’t normally used to attack.

Defend: Infiltrate is rolled to oppose attempts to Notice you while you’re being sneaky, or to investigate your infiltration. You can also roll it to defend against attempts to create advantages related to highlighting you, drawing attention to you, or otherwise making you conspicuous.


Mythology covers abstract, general knowledge of spirits and the otherworld. It’s perfectly possible to get by without this skill, so not all mediums will have a high Mythology, or even any at all. It’s of little use in direct interaction with spirits, which is governed by the common skill set. It’s most useful for noticing or taking advantage of hidden characteristics of the otherworld—common properties that happen to be present, clues to its nature, or weaknesses an upset spirit might be trying to hide.

Overcome: Discover or recall hidden or obscure facts about the otherworld and spirits, along with their applicability to present circumstance.

Create an Advantage: Capitalize on hidden or obscure facts about or properties of the otherworld or spirits that are relevant to the current circumstance.

Attack: Mythology isn’t normally used to attack.

Defend: Mythology isn’t normally used to defend.


Science covers…science. The observational study and description of the material world, and the application of that knowledge. Science is of no help when dealing with the otherworld, or with the actions or effects of spirits or spiritual interference. Science can rule out natural explanations or help with fixing the consequences of a spirit’s meddling, but that’s as far as it goes.

Overcome: Apply scientific knowledge to remove an obstacle. While flexible, Science always requires tools specialized for the task at hand, unlike more personal skills such as Athletics and Physique, and using Science to solve problems often takes a lot of time.

Create an Advantage: Science is much more suited to creating advantages. This usually means making an observation about the material world and drawing some conclusion about it, which can then be leveraged by using another skill.

Attack: Science isn’t normally used to attack.

Defend: Science isn’t normally used to defend.