Fate System Toolkit


If you want to build more character development into your game, you can let characters devote a scene to activating their refresh, adding some drama in between the scenes of exciting action. Refresh scenes might be:

Flashback scenes: Whenever appropriate, a player can declare that an event triggers a flashback scene. With help from the group, the player narrates a flashback to their character’s past, revealing a surprising or interesting detail that connects to the present, renewing the character’s focus or giving them the strength to keep going.

Recovery scenes: At the GM’s discretion, the group’s characters step out of their normal active lives to rest and recuperate, splitting up to pursue their own interests and refocus their energies. These are fantastic scenes for the GM to add new NPCs to the story.

Reflection scenes: One player declares a reflection scene and the other characters ask questions that reveal important and interesting information about the reflecting character’s backstory. These are perfect for action-filled stories where actual time away from the adventure is unrealistic.

These scenes can get PCs additional fate points in the middle of a session to keep things exciting or to replace the start-of-session refresh completely. Feel free to use one type exclusively, or open up all of them to your players to use.