Fate Core


In a conflict, characters are actively trying to harm one another. It could be a fist fight, a shootout, or a sword duel. It could also be a tough interrogation, a psychic assault, or a shouting match with a loved one. As long as the characters involved have both the intent and the ability to harm one another, then you’re in a conflict scene.

Conflicts are either physical or mental in nature, based on the kind of harm you’re at risk of suffering. In physical conflicts, you suffer bruises, scrapes, cuts, and other injuries. In mental conflicts, you suffer loss of confidence and self-esteem, loss of composure, and other psychological trauma.

Setting up a conflict is a little more involved than setting up contests or challenges. Here are the steps:

  • Set the scene, describing the environment the conflict takes place in, creating situation aspects and zones, and establishing who’s participating and what side they’re on.
  • Determine the turn order.
  • Start the first exchange:
    • On your turn, take an action and then resolve it.
    • On other people’s turns, defend or respond to their actions as necessary.
    • At the end of everyone’s turn, start again with a new exchange.

You know the conflict is over when everyone on one of the sides has conceded or been taken out.