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Jiima Arunsone has been role-playing for about two decades as a game master, LARP director, and a driving force behind a few local conventions in a long-forgotten past. Published a scenario once, but everyone forgot what it was about. A die-hard fan of Star Wars, zombies, magical girls anime, ponies, and computers (don't ask). Working in spare time on some weird settings, but spare time is a rarity when you're a parent. Lives in Warsaw, Poland.

When not writing or editing, Sally Christensen crochets unspeakable evil. She lives in the wilds of north Toronto, along with two cats, a Portuguese viking, and her tiny overlord.

Brendan Conway is a co-owner of Magpie Games, and has worked on the Firefly RPG from Margaret Weis Productions, the upcoming Bulldogs! (Fate Core edition) from Galileo Games, and numerous Magpie Games projects including Urban Shadows and The Fate Codex. His solo projects include three Chaos World settings for Dungeon WorldThe Last Days of Anglekite, The Cold Ruins of Lastlife, and The Green Law of Varkith. He is currently at work on an upcoming game about young superheroes, Masks: A New Generation.

Thomas Deeny is a graphic designer who specializes in book layout and game design. His layout and design work can be found in about half of things in Brendan’s bio above, but the two have never actually met. Strange. Additional work of his can be found in Atlas Games' Unknown Armies, John Wick Presents' 7th Sea, and Growling Door Games' Chill. You can review his published works at denaghdesign.com and follow him on Twitter at @denaghdesign.

Shelley Harlan is an editor by day, and by night...is also an editor, because you can’t get too much of a good thing. She works for the the indie RPG company Faster Monkey Games and still can’t quite get used to the idea that people will pay her money to read gaming material. She also thinks it’s a fun game to see if you can spot the typo in this bio.

John Large picked up his first roleplaying book in his early teens and, like many people back then, ended up being the GM because he had the books and no one else wanted to do it. He publishes Red Dice Diaries on YouTube, which has over 100 videos of actual play streams, GM advice, and player tips. Keenly interested in ancient myths and religions, John has many bookshelves creaking with works on mythology and civilizations from round the world. An avid fan of the Fate system, John enjoys the flexibility of the game system and the ease with which it allows ideas to be transferred from the GM's mind to the tabletop.

Mike Mumah has worked for the better part of a decade as a roleplaying game illustrator. His work has appeared in such games as Shadowrun, Rifts, Dead Reign, Part-Time Gods, Babylon 5, and several others. The Michigan-based artist is currently at large from the Briarsbrook Institute for the Criminally Insane and considered extremely dangerous. If sighted, do not approach him! He may seem very affable and friendly but don’t be fooled! Please call the authorities and delay him with free coffee, bourbon, and/or hot wings. He will take the time to enjoy this bait until he can be apprehended. This is for the public’s best interest.

Juan Ochoa: Gumshoe whistleblower reporter hero? A narcissistic ant[agonist out for blood? Fall-guy for a horrifying nanite invasion? Sleeper agent for extraplanar feline intelligence? The FACTS on El Mucho Colombianisimo: he is a straight-dealing, smooth-lined, grit-toothed artist, twainsplit mirror-master-magician-carouser-cavorter, and noted wizard, with knowledge bilingual, exotic, and esoteric, who theoretically does most of his thinking in Español

June Shores has only been in the role play gaming hobby for a few years now. Her first experience with a tabletop RPG was with Fate, back when the Dresden Files RPG came out, and she has been in love with the system ever since. With this new hobby came an all-consuming urge to hack and drift games to suit her needs. From pastel-colored magic ponies to anime-flavored fantasy, June has produced many solo projects that are scattered across the internet today. She attends The University of Maine at Farmington to pursue a degree in new media and blogs at her web site, Headpigeons.

Manuela Soriani lives in the same small town in northern Italy where she was born in 1979; she studied to become an accountant, but Art asked to be part of her life. After six years in comic books for the Italian market (including Jonathan Steele for Star Comics), Manuela began creating both traditional paper books and animated apps for electronic devices. Around 2013, she added back comic book projects in her daily job, alongside children books and cover art. In early 2016, she was successfully backed for her first illustration book “Butterflies” and is currently working on the comic series TIN (by Ilya Dvilyanski), BoyLord (by Nathan Peabody), and Girls Heist Out (by Rob Wieland).

Mark Diaz Truman is an independent game developer and co-owner of Magpie Games (magpiegames.com). Mark has authored two indie RPGs—The Play’s the Thing and Our Last Best Hope—and written a number of pieces for Evil Hat Productions, including parts of The Fate Toolkit and Timeworks. Mark is passionate about creating an inclusive and diverse gaming community and is thrilled to have the chance to put forward pieces by both fresh voices and old friends in The Fate Codex!

Amanda Valentine is a freelance RPG editor and developer. Her work includes the Dresden Files RPG, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Fate Accelerated Edition, Little Wizards, and many others. She also edits fiction, including several of the Spirit of the Century novels. She blogs sporadically at ayvalentine.com about editing, parenting, and gaming. At reads4tweens.com she writes spoilerific book reviews for adults who care about what the kids in their lives are reading. You can find her on Twitter as @ayvalentine and @reads4tweens.

Joshua Yearsley is a professional editor of roleplaying games, board games, and technical literature. He works with Evil Hat Productions as the lead editor of their Fate Worlds and Adventures line of supplements, along with a variety of other small and independent publishers.

Tara Zuber grew up on fairy tales and remains mildly obsessed with stories to this day. She looks forward to exploring the Fate system further and discovering new stories to tell and share. Tara can be found in Chicago or online on Google Plus at +TaraZuber.