Fate Codex


John Adamus is a frequent editor and player of many Fate-powered games, and his work can be found in both Fate Worlds books, the forthcoming Paranet Papers supplement for The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, and Iron Edda. He spends his days helping game designers and authors be more awesome. He frequently tweets about game design and writing techniques on Twitter at @awesome_john and blogs regularly at writernextdoor.com.

Nick Bate is a galactic archaeologist, which he swears is an actual thing. When he’s not mapping dwarf galaxies, Nick draws stick figure comics, builds Lego robots, and reads just about anything. He has written an adventure scenario for the Fate-powered game Bulldogs! called Ghost Pirates of the Bandeth Sector, which you should totally try out. You can find him on twitter at @ickbat. If he’s being honest, he’d rather be playing something science fictional.

Claudia Cangini is a full time freelance illustrator, comic artist, gamer, and an improvisation theatre amateur. She began working as a manga letterer. In the following years she worked in video and manga publishing dealing, among other things, in manga localization, packaging, graphic design for web and print, advertising, art direction, corporate identity, editing, project management, typographic printing, and comic book writing and illustration. She has collaborated mainly with Italian publisher StudioShadow and Narrattiva and from 2008 to 2014 organized with Michele Gelli the Italian indie gaming convention InterNosCon. In 2014 she launched her Patreon page: Sexy Illos for the Ladies. As an improvisation theatre amateur she’s one of the founders of the On The Fly Theatre group and Stille theatre company.

Thomas Deeny is a graphic designer who specializes in book layout and game design. His layout and design work can be found in Margaret Weis Productions’ Firefly RPG line, Crafty Games’ Mistborn RPG, and AEG’s Nightfall and Tempest game lines. Thomas is an evangelist for hobby gaming, and helped to organize the gaming community in southern Arizona, working with manufacturers, retailers, and gamers to develop community awareness of the hobby. You can review his published works at denaghdesign.com and follow him on Twitter at @denaghdesign.

Shelley Harlan is an editor by day, and by night...is also an editor, because you can’t get too much of a good thing. She works for the the indie RPG company Faster Monkey Games and still can’t quite get used to the idea that people will pay her money to read gaming material. She also thinks it’s a fun game to see if you can spot the typo in this bio.

André La Roche is a gamer and an attorney. Despite this otherwise deadly combination of character flaws, he’s pretty relaxed at the gaming table. He previously worked on Margaret Weis Productions’ Dragonlance game line. André aspires to be a warrior-poet, and spends his free time randomly spouting existential platitudes.

Mike Mumah has worked for the better part of a decade as a role playing game illustrator. His work has appeared in such games as Shadowrun, Rifts, Dead Reign, Part-Time Gods, Babylon 5, and several others. The Michigan-based artist is currently at large from the Briarsbrook Institute for the Criminally Insane and considered extremely dangerous. If sighted, do not approach him! He may seem very affable and friendly but don’t be fooled! Please call the authorities and delay him with free coffee, bourbon, and/or hot wings. He will take the time to enjoy this bait until he can be apprehended. This is for the public’s best interest.

Juan Ochoa: Gumshoe whistleblower reporter hero? A narcissistic antagonist out for blood? Fall-guy for a horrifying nanite invasion? Sleeper agent for extraplanar feline intelligence? The FACTS on El Mucho Colombianisimo: he is a straight-dealing, smooth-lined, grit-toothed artist, twainsplit mirror-master-magician-carouser-cavorter, and noted wizard, with ­knowledge bilingual, exotic, and esoteric, who theoretically does most of his thinking in Español.

Kaitlynn Peavler, better known on the internet as thedandmom, is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She has been producing fantasy art and fun cartoony images for years and has done artwork for Prismatic Art, Conquering Corsairs, Whispering Road, and more. Her own projects include Deck of Legends, Experiment 073, and a new comic in the works called Falsely Outrageous.

J. Huston Todd is a middle-school English teacher by day and ardent GM by night who has been gaming in one form or another for over 12 years. Although he has been creating content for most of that time, this is his first time being published. You can find him on Tumblr (hustonthetodd.tumblr.com), Twitter (@HustonTheTodd), or poking around Google+. He has been a lifelong native of the Las Vegas Valley and lives there with his wife and two and a third kids.

Mark Diaz Truman is an independent game developer and the co-owner of Magpie Games (magpiegames.com). Mark has authored two indie RPGs—The Play’s the Thing and Our Last Best Hope—and written a number of pieces for Evil Hat Productions, including parts of The Fate Toolkit and Timeworks. Mark is passionate about creating an inclusive and diverse gaming community and is thrilled to have the chance to put forward pieces by both fresh voices and old friends in The Fate Codex!

Amanda Valentine is a freelance RPG editor and developer. Her work includes the Dresden Files RPG, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Fate Accelerated Edition, Little Wizards, and many others. She also edits fiction, including several of the Spirit of the Century novels. She blogs sporadically at ayvalentine.com about editing, parenting, and gaming. At reads4tweens.com she writes spoilerific book reviews for adults who care about what the kids in their lives are reading. You can find her on Twitter as @ayvalentine and @reads4tweens.

Phil Vecchione is one of the founders of award-winning Gnome Stew: The Game Mastering Blog. As a freelance writer and designer, Phil has worked with Engine Publishing, Third Eye Games, and Evil Beagle Games. He is a founder of Encoded Designs. Chris Sniezak is the founder and co-host, along with Phil, of the Misdirected Mark Podcast, and producer of Misdirected Mark Productions. He is an author and freelance game designer, as well as a member of Encoded Designs.