Fate Codex

About The Fate Codex

by Mark Diaz Truman

Volume 2 marches forward with the second issue of The Fate Codex!

Putting The Fate Codex together each month (or two) is such an honor. I get to work with amazing writers and artists and pay people for their good work, all because of the support of our Patreon backers. We’re more than a year in and I’m still enjoying the ride.

I’m especially excited about this issue because it features two of my favorite Fate writers who have never before published in The Fate Codex: Jason Corley and Clark Valentine. I met Jason through the Story Games Forum a few years ago—and then again in Tucson at RinCon 2013—and I’m constantly surprised and amazed by the work he does with Fate as a GM. Clark doesn’t need much of an introduction—he wrote Fate Accelerated!—but I was equally blessed to get to know him on the convention circuit as well. I’m thrilled to have both of these writers publishing here!

Our newest writer in this month’s Codex, Marissa Kelly, has created an innovative take on Quick Starts: an action-adventure setting that’s built for two players and one GM. I’m always amazed by the new direction Marissa brings to her projects, and this Quick Start is no different. I never would have thought about writing a “buddy” relationship into the rules, and I think it’s a unique and special entry because of her vision.

Finally, I’m excited to share some of the theoretical work I’ve been doing this last year in my essay, “At What Cost.” I’ve been working on simultaneous Fate and Apocalypse World projects, a contrast that’s helped me to considerably sharpen my thinking about Fate fiction, and I’ve got some thoughts that I hope make your Fate games more focused and more fun.

I’m honored that The Fate Codex has become the kind of e-zine that publishes such a wide variety of pieces. It’s been amazing to work with experts who have done it all and folks who are developing their first piece for Fate. I’m looking forward to introducing you, our readers, to more new faces and to continuing to showcase some of the best Fate writers in the industry, all in one place!

Editor in Chief
Mark Diaz Truman