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by Mark Diaz Truman

As we round the corner into the final few months of the year, I’m always excited to look back and see how many issues of The Fate Codex we’ve been able to get out this year. (Spoiler: it’s always more than I can remember and less than I planned!) This year—like last year—sees us making a sprint for the finish: after a slow start, we’re still planning to make it to seven issues! Woot!

The issue we’ve put together for September features a mix of old and new authors: Jacob Possin and Kira Magrann are both returning to The Fate Codex for a second run, and Tracy Barnett—a long time Fate fan and creator—joins us for his first piece. That’s no accident! I love going out to our previous contributors and asking “What do ya got for me this year?” and I’m thrilled when folks doing their own Fate projects want to write for The Fate Codex. It’s exciting to add more folks to The Fate Codex “family.”

In addition to the awesome articles that Kira and Jacob have put together—new takes on gender and class issues that I think will prove useful at your table—we’re also featuring two pieces this month that take mechanics developed elsewhere and bring them into The Fate Codex. Tracy Barnett’s piece on approaches as scale was originally developed for Iron Edda, and my piece on negotiations in Fate Core was originally developed for the new Fate Core edition of Bulldogs! from Galileo Games. Bringing these systems and ideas into The Fate Codex means that not only will they gain a wider exposure, but they’ll also be usable under a Creative Commons license!

As always, thank you for your support and patience with this month’s issue. It’s a treat to serve as Editor in Chief of such an engaging and interesting (mostly-monthly) publication, and we’re already planning neat stuff for 2016. Thank you!

Editor in Chief

Mark Diaz Truman