Fate Codex

About The Fate Codex

by Mark Diaz Truman

Whew! It’s been a little more than 4 weeks since we released our first issue of The Fate Codex, and things are humming! We’ve got nearly a dozen pieces in the hopper, all pushing along to completion for your enjoyment over the next few months. We’ve got zombies and monster training, Fate as a “safe space” and new stress tracks, tips on running a one-shot and new mechanics for building character relationships over time. We’re busy!

In addition to all the pieces coming in my door, I’m finally settled in Albuquerque, NM after my move last month. I have a bit of travel coming up in March and April, but I’m now calling New Mexico home! (My first trip for the year was to Dreamation in February, a New Jersey con with a lot of great folks.) The Fate Codex is a lovely reminder that time keeps moving–even when I travel—and I’m looking forward to putting out many more issues this year from Albuquerque.

But this month feels special. It’s our second issue, which means that we’ve made it through a whole issue after the first one. Woohoo! It’s a pretty neat feeling to watch The Fate Codex come together for a second time! It almost feels like we’re pulling off a magic trick, pulling all these people together to put out such cool Fate materials.

Of course, it’s a magic trick funded, supported, and motivated by all of our Patreon backers. It’s such a pleasure to hear from you all and see your excitement as we put these issues together. Thank you for your support and patience. I promise the wait for this issue has been worth it.

Editor in Chief
Mark Diaz Truman