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About The Fate Codex

by Mark Diaz Truman

If the second issue of The Fate Codex felt like a major publishing challenge, the third issue—finally!—has felt like a Herculean task set forth by the gods themselves. We’ve got a ton of pieces in development, each inching toward completion day by day, editor by editor, but this third issue has been stuck in development for far too long. But at last the day has come! Welcome to Issue 3!

I’m so excited to share this third issue with you all, if for no other reason than that many of these pieces have been locked down for months. I feel selfish keeping them all to myself! A huge thanks to our authors and editors for their patience: it was Arcane High that proved to be a slippery beast, as some of my early ideas for it broke down in the face of actual playtesting. I’m incredibly proud of the final, finished version of our new Quick Start, however, and I know it’s a great complement to the other pieces we’re featuring from John Adamus, Christopher Ruthenbeck, and June Shores.

To some degree, the delays have also been rooted in the success Magpie Games is enjoying more broadly. We launched a successful Kickstarter for Urban Shadows in June, hired on a new Assistant Developer (Brendan Conway) last week, and we’re almost completely geared up for Gen Con. But we never forgot The Fate Codex! I’m excited that I’ve had time here at the end of July to come back to it, and I’m glad that you all stuck with us until we got it done!

Thanks again for all the support!

Editor in Chief
Mark Diaz Truman
Mark Diaz Truman welcomes you to the third issue of The Fate Codex.