Fate Codex

About The Fate Codex

by Mark Diaz Truman

The release of Issue 4 of The Fate Codex marks two big events: our return to a monthly publication schedule and the first issue to be written entirely by contributors! Over the past eight months—I can’t believe it’s been that long—I’ve had a piece featured in every issue of The Fate Codex we’ve released, but this issue features four wonderful writers who are bringing their own special ideas and settings to you. I’m thrilled to be rules editing and advising on these pieces, and even more excited to see new writers blossom.

And we’re very lucky to have these contributors in the face of Gen Con and all the other travel I had to do this month. I spent a good two weeks on the road, both in Indianapolis for Gen Con and in Texas for a training, but I knew that the writers and editors of The Fate Codex were hard at work making Issue 4. It’s such an honor to work with these folks!

In fact, it’s hard to explain how proud I am of the team we’ve put together to make The Fate Codex a reality. From our clever writers to our diligent editors to our timely proofreaders and layout folks, there are a lot of hands that make each issue of The Fate Codex amazing. Nothing makes me more excited than getting the chance to feature such incredible and exciting work from so many different folks. Thank you again for your support in making this project happen!

Editor in Chief
Mark Diaz Truman