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About The Fate Codex

by Mark Diaz Truman

Earlier this year, we got a number of pitches for The Fate Codex that revolved around…the living dead. And since we knew that Halloween would roll around eventually, all of us here at Magpie HQ schemed and schemed to make sure we would have something truly unspeakable to offer you all for the darkest, dampest, and deadest of holidays.

Welcome to the first annual Halloween edition of The Fate Codex!

This issue is dedicated to zombies, the loveable walkers, stalkers, and groaners that have pushed their way into the American consciousness once a decade or so for the last 50 years. Fate isn’t always the first thing people think of when they run games for horror, so we’ve put together a collection of articles that will help you bring zombies to your table, ranging from essays about zombies themselves to new relationship mechanics that fit perfectly with typical zombie fiction. We’ve even included a bit of “Fate fiction” from Carrie Harris to help you think about how to use zombies in new ways to launch a Fate game!

I’m especially proud of the Quick Start for the month: Brendan Conway’s The Dead and the Doomed, a one-shot adventure of zombie horror with some innovative “win-condition” mechanics that will add some sizzle and spice to any Halloween adventure. Brendan has recently come onboard with Magpie Games as a staff writer, so look for more from him in the future!

Once again, thank you all for your support, care, and excitement about The Fate Codex. It’s a delight to put together issues for you all each and every month.

Editor in Chief
Mark Diaz Truman