Fate Codex

About The Fate Codex

by Mark Diaz Truman

It’s been a year already. I can barely believe it.

This week last year, I started to think about how Magpie could use Patreon to launch a Fate project. I had seen Epidiah Ravachol’s amazing Worlds Without Master Patreon and it got me thinking that maybe we could do something similar. A few days later, The Fate Codex was born, and all of our backers made it an incredible success right out of the gate. I was blown away by the response—I’m still in shock—and humbled by the support of our backers. Thank you!

We’ve got big plans for Volume 2 in 2015. We’re hoping to expand into offering more pieces on the Deck of Fate, add new maps for use at your table, and continue to produce longer and more developed Quick Starts. We're also hoping to see some of our contributors from Volume 1 come back to share new Fate ideas, settings, and systems. We’re shooting for ten issues next year, each one jam-packed with the same Fate Codex goodness you’ve come to expect this year.

As I looked over the issue we’ve put together this month, I noticed that many of our pieces tackle the same themes: illusions. From Eddy Webb’s semi-pro wrestling short fiction to Tara Zuber’s Inception meets The Christmas Carol Quick Start to Nicole Winchester and Cheyenne Rae Grimes’ reality TV essay, our contributors are all exploring the boundaries of reality, the point at which the lie becomes the truth.

My piece on a new discover action for Fate Core fits that theme as well, and I’m thrilled that we’re at the point where such a neat collection of articles and pieces is what you all expect from us. It’s an honor to be held to a high standard.

Again, thank you. Thank you for your backing, your comments, your support, and your interest. We get to put together this amazing magazine because of your support. It’s hard to believe we’ve already been doing this for a year, but I’m already looking forward to our next year’s worth of issues!

Editor in Chief
Mark Diaz Truman